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Solar water heaters Puerto Rico

Save up to 35% on your electricity bill Puerto Rico, $70 to $180 monthly with a solar water heater UNIVERSAL®. Monthly saving with the sun and enjoy of hot water 24 hours without any electricity system. All solar water heaters Universal models we manufacture are certified by the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (OG-300) in water heating efficiency. We are proud to manufacture in Puerto Rico the first and only solar water heater hurricane resistant, certified solar product (#80-8043). We received an award from the United States Department of Commerce for our solar water heaters and stainless steel 304 water tanks. Quality products manufacture Award. Our solar water heaters are certified in resistance against hurricanes up to 150 mph winds and efficiency of heating water with low solar radiation by the Solar Rating Certification Corporation. The EPA has certified them as solar heaters 100% lead-free inside, since we do not paint the inside of the solar water collectors with black paint with high lead content as they do with traditional solar heaters. We use Tinox Energy® to increase the solar radiation absorption for produce hotter water for use in the house. Our entire solar water heater is manufactured with aluminum 6061-T6, solid copper pipes and stainless steel materials that are resistant to salt, rust and corrosion. Investing in a Universal solar water heater you will enjoy of hot water with the sun and will have the satisfaction of a monthly energy saving, warranted. UniversalSolar.Net

Universal Solar: solar water heater and water tanks manufacture Plant in Puerto Rico, since 1965.